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Celebrating desire, pleasure and love

What's the point?

Sex is lovely, natural and fun.  It can also be scary — you need courage to open up to another person (or even to yourself)  in a deep way — but when you do, sex can be truly transcendent, an intense and profound way of connecting with the divine.  If you agree, please join us in trying to get the word out. 

Or, if that hasn't been your experience up until now, maybe this site can help you improve your experiences in the future.  Our goal is to map a path, a way out of fear, discouragement and pain. If you have the courage and persistence to follow such a path, we believe you can have sexual fulfillment in a constructive, honest and deeply spiritual way — you can live in integrity!  You can take pride in your sex life, not keep it in the closet.

Sex is sacred — it's worth saying, because people who already understand tend to take the idea for granted, while many others have never even considered it possible.

What's the problem?

Although just about everyone engages in sexual activities, many people believe sex is sinful, and we've all been conditioned to treat it as shameful, "dirty."  Negative teachings don't stop people from having sex, but they do clothe what is intrinsically beautiful and spiritual in an ugly uniform, and they reinforce the fears and embarrassment we naturally have about our sexual adequacy.

Whether you're sexually timid, or whether you're confident and experienced, you may well be carrying around a load of preconceptions you don't even know you have.

As a result, sexual interactions in our culture all too often occur in a kind of unconscious no-man's-land, where none of the normal rules of life seem to apply.  Sex lives are conducted as if love were a battleground where "all is fair."  People who are normally trustworthy and kind find themselves willfully betraying and hurting their loved ones; people who are normally confident and decisive find themselves trapped in helplessness.  Kids tell each other it's all about "game."

What's the difference?

So,  presents an opposing point of view... you'll find ideas, information, analysis and speculation here.  Stuff to make you think!  While you're thinking, you may want to discuss your own experiences, views and questions with other people on our bulletin board [not yet implemented], or help us by adding new information and commentary to the site. There are lots of ways to get involved.

What's the angle?

This site is our labor of love. We're neo-pagans living in North America, so that's the perspective that informs most of the material here, but we're definitely open to other points of view — so please feel free to join us in celebrating the divine beauty of sex no matter what your belief system or where you live.

But is there any actual SEX here???

What's the point of a sex-positive site that doesn't make you horny? Well, we are working to create new forms of explicit erotica that we hope will have broader and deeper appeal than most of what's currently available.  Visit the projects area to see what we're up to.  If you're over 18 and you'd like to get involved in one of these projects, you can join our bulletin board [not yet implemented] and discuss what you're interested in so as to figure out how to get started, or email us for more information.

Navigating the site

On the left of every page is a green "table of contents" bar that contains a series of topic titles arranged in three sections.  If you click on any title in this green bar, you go to a corresponding page on the site.  The title of the topic you are currently on is highlighted in light green. The sections work as follows:

  • Area:  Shows you where you currently are on the site. It contains the path down from the home page to the page you're currently on.  You can go up the tree to take a different branch by clicking on a title in this section. 
  • Topics:  Lists the topics immediately subordinate to the page you're currently on.  If the page you're on has no topics subordinate to it, this section lists the pages that come immediately before and after the one you're on.
  • General:  This always provides links to the same pages of general interest. Among them are a site-search page, and a site-map page.

If you want to read pages in sequence, as if you were reading a book, you can move forward and backward through the site using the light blue arrows at the top and bottom of each page on the left. 

To see the entire contents of the site, you can refer to the site map.  Clicking on any title on the site map takes you to the corresponding page.

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